Agora: a new item on Gen Z’s social calendar-having fun together maybe in Metaverse

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BEIJING, CHINA, Media – 30 September 2021 – With COVID-19 normalization and the rapid spread of real-time communication technologies, more and more innovative entertainment with novel scenarios emerges globally, such as live cast, co-watching, co-listening, co-gaming and other ‘co-X’ activities, boosting the social vigor among Gen Z.  Beyond the ‘ear economy’, live cast center around viral topics and cater to specific interests. The industry looks very promising as it is more engaging and attracts communities of higher levels of loyalty. VlightTV, Scener, Hotstar and other innovative platforms that offer real-time video or music sharing services have been well-received in the market. However, online social activities require low latency, stronger synchronization and better engagement during the streaming.


The concept of Metaverse represents a new direction of pan-entertainment, gaming included. As the recent buzzword, Metaverse emphasizes that users enjoy in-depth and immersive experiences virtually while synchronize with the real world. Real-time engagement technologies will serve as the bridge of interaction in the Metaverse. Stable and seamless communication, working and social activities with low latency are made possible.


Early in May, Agora started cooperation with HTC Vive. With Agora’s Real-time Communication technologies, HTC Vive Sync App achieves the seamless connection between the virtual and the real world as the perfect remote collaboration tool. Even without VR equipment, users can share immersive experiences with other VR users. Moreover, users can share their screens or documents in synchronized environment. All users will have access to the immersive experience in a more convenient way, which enhances working efficiency and productivity.


Agora is equipped with a range of APIs dedicated to the various innovative scenarios. Agora meets the demand of domestic and international developers in establishing real-time engagement scenarios with stable, smooth and low latency experiences.


Agora’s clients include many Chinese enterprises that compete in the overseas market and world-renowned enterprises, for example, Yalla (the leading voice-centric social networking and entertainment platform in MENA), the Meet Group (a leading provider of interactive dating solutions in America), LisPon (a two-dimension audio community in Japan), Bunch (the party app for multiplayer games in North America), Vainglory (the no-compromise cross-platform MOBA in North America), and Kumu (a pinoy livestreaming APP).


With the global deployment of the Agora Software Defined Real Time Network (SD-RTN™), intelligent routing, supported Yalla to build varied voice-centric engagement scenarios, which provided stable and seamless using experience for global users even under weak network conditions.  Kumu offers co-hosting, livestreaming Q&A (HQ), E-Commerce Live Streaming and PK Live streaming with Agora’s real-time engagement techniques. In addition to ensuring stability and reliability, Agora further reduced the time and labor invested in technology development as well as the cost of bandwidth.


Technical issues such as network coverage, weak network confrontation and terminal device adaptation are quite common in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. In scenarios with high demands for RTC such as chatroom, live video streaming and in-game voice chat, users living in areas with poor network coverage may experience high latency in audio/video callings, stutters and jitters and synchronization issues. When users in different places call each other, they may suffer from echo and ambient noises and be seriously disrupted. In addition, considering that users in regions like Southeast Asia have various but generally poor performance mobile devices, it is a must-face problem that to adapt to different devices and ensure a stable and smooth user experience.


High quality RTE experience powered by SD-RTN™

SD-RTN™, or Software Defined Real-time Network built by Agora covers more than 200 countries and regions, featured by ultra-low latency, high concurrency and high availability. It was optimized especially for small and medium-sized cities in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America and China. The global inter-terminal transfer rate exceeds 99% and the median of delay is 76ms. Agora has algorithm for optimizing anti-packet-loss mechanism under weak network conditions in real-time voice engagement, which has been adapted to more than 20,000 terminal devices and ensures smooth video calls with up to 70% packet loss and smooth voice calls with 80% packet loss.


3A algorithm + AI-powered noise cancellation

High audio quality creates better interactive experience. Agora’s in-house speech codecs, Agora SOLO™ and NOVA™, use 48 kHz sampling rate with full-sound bandwidth capture to achieve high fidelity of sound with an MoS score of 4.7, providing users with HD audio and smooth experience. The 3A algorithm can intelligently adapt to variant acoustic conditions, remove ambient and distracting noises and deliver first-class performance for multi-party voice communication. It can deliver superior quality audio and eliminate unwanted disruptions without compromising in audio quality.


Agora’s voice SDK for in-game voice chat with a mini package size and lower CPU consumption

Without affecting the quality, Agora’s Mini SDK Package consumes 20% lower CPU, storage, and battery resources than the industry average. It has been adapted to more than 20,000 terminal devices, especially suitable for Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions where users use a variety of mobile devices with poor performance. A number of popular games both at home and abroad have adopted Agora’s Voice SDK, such as Mobile Legends: Bang BangYalla LudoNew Jade DynastyInfinite Warship and Werewolf.


Powerful technologies and services with global footprints

Agora has offices around the world and is dual-headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, USA and Shanghai, China, with teams in Bangalore, Tokyo and London working in synergy. Our global presence helps cultivate and develop overseas clients and provide localized technology and operation support for overseas Chinese clients.


Besides, information services, privacy and data compliance are under strict supervision and regulation overseas. Only service providers fully licensed in security and privacy protection are allowed to operate legally. Agora strictly follows international standards and industry requirements of data security and privacy laws, and has been committed to building privacy and safety management system based on international best practices. Currently, Agora has been certified to ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC ISO 27017 and ISO/IEC 27018 and obtained the SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 Audit Reports, which demonstrates Agora’s ability in privacy protection and security.

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