JAKARTA JOURNALIST FORUM ( FWJ ) Conducts a Peaceful Action at the Depok Police Office

DEPOK, Media www.rajawalisiber.com | Not yet dim about the expulsion of journalists by the Depok Police Chief in early August 2021, now the same incident has happened again to a number of journalists and there is a threat of arrest for a long-haired man who is known to be the General Chair of the Jakarta Journalists Forum (FWJ) Indonesia by members of the Resmob Police of the Depok Metro Police on Saturday, September 11, 2021 at around 01.00 WIB. This of course has tarnished the humanity and synergy between the Police and journalists. As the 4th pillar of Democracy which is protected by Law Number 40 of 1999 concerning the Press and Law Number 14 of 2008 concerning Openness of Public Information (KIP), of course the press has the right to confirm, clarify and investigate public complaints.

We also appreciate the performance of the police who have empathy and give a humane embrace to everyone. This was said by the General Chair of the Jakarta Journalists Forum (FWJ) Indonesia, Mustofa Hadi Karya, who is usually called Opan through communication via WhatsApp with the Action Coordinator (Korlap) at the Depok Metro Police, Monday (20/9/2021) afternoon.

Opan also detailed that the Police are the face of Indonesian law by straightforwardly resolving various large and small cases. However, as protectors and public servants who are in control of the Criminal Code and the Civil Code, of course, the arrogance of the police officers is not in accordance with the motto and slogan of the Indonesian National Police, especially the expulsion of a number of journalists and the threat of detention of a long man who is known as the General Chair of FWJ Indonesia.

“The arrogance of the police officers at the Depok Metro Police on that day, Saturday, September 11, 2021 at around 01.00 WIB, seriously injured the journalist profession, that our presence did not suddenly come in the early hours of the morning, but has been since 20.30 WIB on Friday.” at the time to confirm and clarify the alleged embezzlement of 1 unit of R4 which was pawned by Ms. Donna Derliana. “said Op.

The solidarity of journalists ballooned to the point where they held an action condemning the behavior of the Depok Police Resmob police officers. As the Action Coordinator, Romli said that although this action was carried out to encourage the Police Chief and Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Depok Metro Police, so that those who called journalists as back-ups, internal steps were immediately taken in the form of removal or severe sanctions.

“The trigger came from the Resmob police officers themselves. Our actions only encourage the Chief of Police and the Head of Criminal Investigation to take firm action against these individuals within 2 X 24 hours after this action. “Romli said after being received by the Head of Subsection, Head of Criminal Investigation and Head of Depok Metro Police, Monday (20/9/2021).

Meanwhile, Wulan acknowledged that the DPP FWJ Indonesia appreciated the responsiveness of the Head of the Depok Metro Police Public Relations Subdivision, Kompol Supriadi, who was very cooperative and accepted the action representatives.

“We appreciate and become a good synergy order. However, in the event of expulsion and threats to a number of journalists that occurred that night, there must be an open and transparent sanction against the police officers of the Depok Metro Police Resmob. “he said.

Based on the mediation information compiled by the FWJ Indonesia team which was attended by Tri Wulansari, Romli, Adi Nur Febriadi, Soegiharto Santoso, and Advocate Julianta Sembiring, SH with the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit, Head of Criminal Investigation Unit and Head of Subsection of the Depok Metro Police, that on behalf of the Bekasi Metro Police, AKBP Yogen Heroes Baruno as Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Depok Metro Police admitted that his members had made mistakes and carelessness by taking unethical actions and using inappropriate language.

“On behalf of the Chief of Police, Kasat Reskrim and all ranks of the Police at the Depok Metro Police apologize for the incident. “Asked the Head of Criminal Investigation.

Yogen also said that the internal legal process against its members who committed unsavory acts against journalists who were going to confirm and clarify that night was in the process of being investigated by the Metro Jaya Regional Police Paminal.

In the same place, Advocate Julianta Sembiring, SH and Ir. Soegiharto Santoso or who is usually called Hoky representing journalists participating in the action said that journalists are intellectuals and elegant. To maintain conduciveness and progress, more than 300 journalists should have been reduced, but it was reduced to 50 journalists.

“We both respect the profession, especially today the government is still promoting PPKM in preventing the corona virus, but we also urge the Paminal Polda Metro Jaya along with the Head of the Resort Police and the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for the Metro Jaya Police to immediately take quick and appropriate sanctions measures against the perpetrators. The police are destroying the image of the Police so that in the future there will be no more police arrogance towards the journalist profession, our movement is also a form of our concern and love for the Police institution. “He concluded.

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