MMP VI Road Show “Building a Pancasila Nation Portrait”

Media – Thursday 20 July 2023 The MMP Road Show was again held in Johar Baru District. By raising the theme of Pancasila Portrait in National Life.

While the sole source was IPDA Wadi SH MM. Service at the Central Jakarta Police Chief who is tasked with providing guidance to Security Guards and Linmas throughout Central Jakarta. In delivering the material, Wardi discussed Pancasila Values from the first to the fifth precepts in an easy way.

So that it is easily accepted by all participants.

Pancasila is the nations ideology, on August 18, 1945 it became the basis and basis of thought in directing the direction of the goals of the state.

Excavated from the noble values of cultural and religious customs. Because Pancasila is the purpose and essence of a civilization, it cannot be replaced by other ideologies.

Pancasila is the vision and mission to build the life of the nation and state. So the values of Pancasila as stated in the preamble of the 1945 Constitution must be realized by all elements of the nation and state, especially servants of the people who receive salaries from the APBD and APBN.

Because it is they who must help realize the noble ideals of Pancasila. IPDA Wardi also reminded all MMP Road Show participants, especially those who served as heads of RT, RW and other government agencies.

So that in the future political situation to be neutral, not to side with left and right. Must remain standing in the middle as the arbiter of society.

So that in the future the citizens will not be judged and accused of all kinds of things. But it must side with red and white, side with the value of wisdom as its guide.

Not sticking flags of other colors. So forgetting, even defeating Pancasila and red and white itself.

The spirit of the noble values of Pancasila must continue to be built for the sake of realizing a more civilized and dignified national portrait.

Of course by carrying out the nature of divinity, justice and humanity, maintaining unity, wisdom, democracy, being ready to be led and leading, understanding representation and being loyal and obedient to the value of wisdom.

As a body that obeys the soul or the voice of its conscience. So it is the spirit of the precepts that will produce the precepts of social justice for all Indonesian people.

Even justice is not only for the human race, but also applies to other Gods creatures.

Being fair in society, including being fair in giving sanctions is a prerequisite for the pillars of welfare and prosperity.

Then the system and other components must be filled with the Pancasila Spirit. So that all legal products and their derivatives still carry the blessing of their parents.

Namely Pancasila as the source of all laws applied in the Indonesian nation. Because that is where the portrait of the development of the civilization of the Pancasila nation will be created. he said.

Apek Saiman as the guide for the MMP Road Show Deliberation emphasized that the meeting which was held in Johar Baru District, Central Jakarta, of course, did not stop here. However, this was followed up at the next meeting.

Both informally and formally. In order to design MMP follow-up steps in the future and familiarity will be further developed.

In its closing, Pamadu conveyed the Apek Saiman Deliberation so that 10 people selected by the District, as the MMP driving committee in the Kecamatan Johar was only able to assist the coordination in making a formula to ground Pancasila values in DKI Jakarta Province. Especially Central Jakarta and Johar Baru. Close it.

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