PT KAN Isotank Mandiri does not have an IPAL permit

Media –  It has been operating for 3 years, this Isotank Washing Service Company is known to not have a Wastewater Treatment Plant (IPAL) permit.

The RAJAWALI media team during a visit to the PT Kan Isotank Mandiri factory area, Surabaya, Wednesday (13/4/2022).

This is because the waste products from industrial chemical washing that are disposed of cannot be directly disposed of, but must meet the quality standards of industrial wastewater set by the Indonesian government.

If you violate it, the sanctions are not kidding, ranging from revocation of business licenses, to criminal sanctions and also fines.

Company PT. Kan Isotank Mandiri, Jln. Tanjung Kalianak 66 Number 6, Kalianak, Asemrowo, Surabaya, allegedly has not yet obtained an operating permit. Even the Water Treatment Plant has not yet received a permit, Saturday (16/4/2022).

PT. Kan Isotank Mandiri (KIM) is a business Diversification of Existing Business of PT. Kharisma Astra Nusantara which is already known for Dry Container Depo and Trucking Business as available core business over years.
PT. Kan Isotank Mandiri started business trip in 2014 as Isotank Division at PT Kharisma Astra Nusantara then separated into its own legal entity in 2017 as PT. KAN Isotank Mandiri (KIM) . Isotank Depo is operated recently in October 2014, to grab the higher business and to fulfill isotank customer (operator & Leassing company).

As stated by the leadership of PT. Kan Isotank Mandiri, Zaki at the office accompanied by the Branch Head of PT Kan Isotank Mandiri Surabaya, Irvan Hermawan with company management.

That, during the three years of operation, it was very difficult to get a permit. One of the obstacles faced is the status of land ownership which is allegedly unclear. So, you can’t get a letter from the PBB (Earth and Building Tax), Property taxes.

“I have already processed the permit. I have appointed a consultant, but for the past three years I have not been able to get a permit. Because the land status is constrained, which cannot show the PBB (Property taxes) ,” said Zaki, accompanied by Irvan Hermawan and management at his office.

In addition to not completing a business license, the equipment for water treatment plants (Water Treatment Plant) also does not have a permit. In fact, it has been providing services for three years.

“Water treatment is in the process of obtaining a permit. In principle, we do not want the company to cause harm to other parties and violate applicable regulations. We have also been fostered by the Police Chief,” he added.

Furthermore, Zaki added, regarding waste management at PT Kan Isotank Mandiri, there was already a third party handling it. “If the waste is already there is a partner who handles it,” he said.

Meanwhile, from an on-site inspection, it is seen that the wastewater treatment plant is located. In fact, the waste water that was released from the waste management can be seen going into the ditch near the back fence.

Even inside, you can see that other waterways that are not from the company also meet at one point and the water looks cloudy. Red

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