Suta: Make Announcement That Is Accommodating and Aspirational

Media – The Chief of Police’s edict cannot allow the publication of FPI to be annulled by subordinates of the National Police by allowing them to share FPI content on Social Media as long as it is not a hoax, racial and provocative.

“Since Monday (7/12) the Police have frequently changed and changed again in expressing their opinions. What is this about? In order to make the Promoter appear, it should be re-made or at least canceled. It cannot be just clarified.” That was said by Suta Widhya SH, a police observer on Saturday (2/12) afternoon in Jakarta.

So that the first revoke the announcement of the Chief of Police. There is no need to be ashamed of not being able to suppress the press after being challenged by the Press Council. The Chief of Police’s ultimatum is to suppress democracy which happens to be guarded by the Press.

“The press is the fourth estate (the fourth power) of democracy. Where we know, the first force is the Legislative, the second is the Executive, the Third is the Judiciary. The fourth is the Press. The Legislative, the Executive, the Judiciary are paralyzed, the press is advanced.” Suta continued.

According to Suta, what is happening now is that the Oligarchy has paralyzed the Legislative – Executive – Judicial Triumvirate. The press’s turn to be knocked out. Of course it was opposed by the press.

The Press Council convened, and decided to oppose the ultimatum of the National Police Chief. After that, the Indonesian Journalists Alliance (AJI), which had a big role in reform, asked for article 2D to be revoked. The press as _Democracy guardian_, has carried out the duty of guarding democracy.

The police made a clarification regarding the Chief of Police’s announcement regarding 2D points which said that the public is prohibited from accessing, uploading and disseminating FPI-related content either through websites or social media. In the end, however, the Police said that these points were not intended to limit the freedom of expression guaranteed by Article 28 of the 1945 Constitution.

Head of Public Relations Division of the Police Headquarters, Inspector General Pol Argo Yuwono in Jakarta, Friday (1/1) interpreted that the edict issued was not intended to ban the press.

Argo explained that content related to FPI is still allowed as long as it does not contain fake news, has the potential to cause disruption of social security, provocative pitfalls or divisions, and SARA. So that content that does not have these elements is still allowed.

“If it contains all of that, it is not allowed to access or upload or redistribute those that are prohibited or where the ITE Law is criminalized, for example, it is not allowed there,” said Argo.

He emphasized that the police chief’s edict would not intersect with the press law or freedom of expression. He emphasized that content that is deemed to violate this declaration is if it contains provocative, fake news, the potential for interference with social security or SARA.

“From yesterday there may have been many questions related to press freedom and expression. The most important thing is that we issue this announcement does not mean that it bans press news,” continued Argo.

As we know, the National Police Chief, General Idham Azis, prohibited the public from accessing and disseminating content related to the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). This refers to the issuance of the edict numbered * Mak / 1 / I / 2021 * regarding Compliance with Prohibition of Activities, Use of Symbols and Attributes and Termination of FPI Activities.

The edict itself is issued referring to Joint Decree Number 220-4780 Year 2020, Number M.HH.14.HH.05.05 Year 2020, Number 690 Year 2020, Number 264 Year 2020, Number KB / 3 / XII / 2020, and Number 320 of 2020 concerning the Prohibition of Activities, Use of Symbols and Attributes, and Termination of FPI Activities.

“So that the public is not confused, the National Police Chief should revoke or cancel the edicts that contradict the Press Law and the 1945 Constitution. After that, issue more Promoter edicts with more accommodating and aspirational contents.” Close Suta, who is also the Secretary General of the Advocates and Activists Movement.

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