The Energy Impact a Year After Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

Source the United States Government

The U.S. and its partners have worked to not only ensure continued supplies of energy to global consumers but are also working to strengthen the electric grid in Ukraine in the face of continued bombardment. Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk briefs reporters on the latest U.S. and global efforts to ensure energy security globally and in Ukraine, including the provision of power equipment to Ukraine for infrastructure repairs and U.S. efforts to increase energy exports to consumers around the globe.

Deputy Secretary Turk was previously the Deputy Executive Director at the International Energy Agency (IEA), where he worked to help countries with clean energy transition efforts. During the Obama-Biden Administration he was tasked with coordinating international technology and clean energy efforts at the Department of Energy. He has also previously served as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director at the National Security Council and as the State Department’s Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Change.

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